Create an app to collect feedback for your designs

Create an app to collect feedback for your designs


Feedback is an Open Source application which can help designers and developers collect feedback.

Check this demo to understand how this application can help you reduce the amount of time you spend to ship pixel-perfect applications.

Why I built this application

I've used a lot of applications to collect feedback for my designs or code implementation. However, none of them were optimized for gathering feedback or comments.

On top of that, it's very difficult to gather feedback on revisions of your design or code. Also, none of them are Open Source. So, the community can't implement a feature which might be useful for them and others.

Feedback solves all these problems.

Feedback is supposed to be optimized for gathering feedback in the form of comments. Since it's a very nascent project, it doesn't have all the features yet. However, we're working on implementing a lot of features:

  1. Nested comments to help users reply to a comment.
  2. Mark a comment as resolved.
  3. Add labels to comments.
  4. Report a comment.
  5. Comments on multiple revisions of a file.

Since it's an} Open Source application, anyone can request a feature or contribute to the project by implementing a new feature.


Feedback ships with a host of features. Here are a few important ones:

Form teams and organize your members

You can form teams and add members for it. All members of a particular team has access to all projects within a team. screely-1612719331599.png

A Powerful yet simple annotation tool

An annotation tool which does everything that's expecting from it. screely-1612719316024.png

Share a project with anyone you want

Want to share a project with someone who doesn't have an account? We got your back. Just change the status of the project to Public and the link of the project is available to everyone. screely-1612719309182.png

Ending notes

Please feel free to check out the code, ask for new features or report an issue. Feedback is still in early beta and you can shape the future of this project.

There's a lot of work still left to be done. Would love to hear your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions.