Writy - Create beautiful websites without writing a single line of code

Writy - Create beautiful websites without writing a single line of code

First, I want to wish you all a very Happy new Year.

Introducing Writy

Writy is an Open Source website builder which can generate beautiful websites without writing a single line of code. Since Writy allows you to download HTML files of your website, you can generate either a dark or light mode website in just a few minutes.

Writy allows you to download HTML files which uses TailwindCSS for styling. You can view the demo of the application here. The code is available on Github. Writy is a static site which is deployed on Vercel

Why I built this application

There're plenty of times when you want to build a small application or website just to showcase an idea. Most of the time, I used to download a free HTML template and modify it according to my needs. First, I used to remove everything that I don't need. Then, I'd add my own content to it. Most importantly, I'd to do all these very quickly just to show something.

I felt that this is something that plenty of people face today. There're a lot of no-code platforms which allows to build a site without writing a single line of code. But, there're a few limitations on those platforms:

  1. You'll have to create an account in order to start building a site.
  2. They'll host your data on their servers. Some platforms let you download your static files (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) but only on a paid-tier.
  3. They aren't Open Source. So, even if you want a small feature and you know that it's easy to implement, you'll have to request for that feature to be implemented by the platform.

Writy solves all these problems.

  1. You don't need to create an account in order to design and download your HTML files.
  2. Writy doesn't host your data on its servers. You write your content and then you download them. They're stored only on your browser.
  3. Writy is Open Source. You're free to request or implement your own features.


Build both Dark-mode or Light-mode websites

You can create either a dark-mode or light-mode website using Writy. Simply select which one you want to create.

Choose your preferred template

Pre-generated content for your site

Writy generates some content for you to get started with. It gives you a basic idea of how your layout will look like once you replace the pre-generated content with your own.

Pre-generated dark-mode site

Edit any content and view the changes instantly

You can modify any content you want to and the changes will instantly appear on the preview area. You don't have to save anything to view the changes.

Real-time editing.gif

Modify colors to match your requirements

Writy supports a bunch of colors out of the box. You can also enter any valid hex code of a color.

Modify colors.gif

Modify layouts of the sections multiple times

You can also modify the layouts of the sections any number of times without losing any data.

Modify layouts of each section.gif

Add sections wherever you want

You can add multiple sections to match your requirements. Writy doesn't prevent you from adding any number of sections.

Add sections.gif

Remove sections if you don't like them

You can also remove any section that you don't want from a page.

Remove section button

Add multiple pages

Writy supports multiple pages. You can add any number of pages with different contents. All pages will be downloaded as separate HTML files.

Add pages featues

Modify contents of any page

You can also modify the contents of any page multiple times.

Modify any page

Preview content of your page on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile viewports

Preview how your page will look like on multiple widths before you download them.

See preview on multiple viewport widths.gif

Download your HTML files

Just click on the Download button to download all your HTML files. Writy doesn't store the contents of your pages on its servers. Your content is stored only on your own browser.

Download button

View your downloaded HTML files on your browser

Once you've downloaded your HTML files, you can open them on any browser.

Downloaded files opened in a browser

View your downloaded HTML files on your code editor

You can view and edit the contents of the downloaded HTML files on your code editor.

Downloaded files opened in a code editor

Technologies used to build this application

  1. Chakra UI
  2. Emotion
  3. Next.js
  4. TailwindCSS
  5. TypeScript

Writy has both dark and light modes

Writy supports both dark-mode and light-mode due to Chakra UI's color mode. You can toggle between them using the toggle icon on the navigation bar.

Dark modeLight mode
Dark modeLight mode

Ending notes

Please feel free to check out the code, ask for new features or report an issue. Writy is still in early beta and you can shape the future of this project.

There's a lot of work still left to be done. Would love to hear your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions.